Come Come Commala

by Thomas Love-Vani

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Roland performs Come Come Commala in Wolves of the Calla, the fifth book of the Dark Tower series.


The word "commala" can be used in speech. It has a large number of usages, many of them sexual in nature.

Come commala
Damp commala
—Putting farm animals out to stud
Dry commala
—Animals that have been gelded
Green commala
—A virgin
Red commala
—A menstruating woman
Sof' commala
—A man who experiences erectile dysfunction
Stand commala
—To stand stomach-to-stomach
—To share secrets
Wet the commala
—Irrigate the rice in a dry spell
—To masturbate



Come- commala
Come-come commala
I-sissa 'ay a-bralla
Dey come a-folla
Down come a-rivva
Or-i-za kivva
Rice a green-o
See wha we seen-o

Come- commala!
Rice coma a falla
Deep inna walla
Grass come-commala
Old man mista
Protector Sister
Under the sky-o
Grass green n high-o

Come- commala!
Going be a slaughta
Girl n her fella
Lie down togetha
Out go the heat now
The belly reap now
They slip 'a slide-o
Under 'a sky-o

Open up a hall a
Machine stalla
Plow goin falla
Ol' Daddy is one
While Momma had fun
Under a sky o
rice green 'n high o


released May 16, 2017
Written by Stephen King and Thomas Love-Vani




Thomas Love-Vani Ottawa, Ontario

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